After several years as a freelance illustrator, I turned my attention to the then emerging 3-D digital art medium. I spent several years as a 3-D artist in the video game industry focusing on creating environments.

No longer keenly interested in video games as a subject matter, I found myself gravitating toward the discipline of architecture as a field in which I could employ my digital 3-D skills. I spent a few years working as a project assistant in an architecture firm where the principals came to depend on my 3-D skills for their renderings. I soon encountered other architecture firms that asked me to assist with their 3-D renderings needs.

I am currently a solo practitioner working from my home studio in Torrance, California. I also teach 3D modeling and animation in the Art Department at El Camino College and I have taught 3-D modeling and rendering in the Architecture Department at Los Angeles Harbor College.